Goal Zero offer a range of high-quality power banks, solar panels and generators designed to provide power when you need it most, in any situation. Goal Zero products are the perfect all in one kit to keep you going when you’re off the grid, or simply don’t have access to a power point. Check out our range of Goal Zero products and please give us a call or email us if you have any questions! 

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  • Goal Zero Nomad 20 Folding Solar Panel

    Sale! $339.95
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  • Goal Zero Nomad 200 Folding Solar Panel

    Sale! $1,299.95
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  • Goal Zero Boulder 200 Solar Panel Briefcase

    Sale! $999.95
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  • Goal Zero Yeti Fast Charge 25 Amp Power Supply

    Sale! $449.95
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  • Goal Zero Yeti 1500X Portable Power Station

    Sale! $3,999.95
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  • Goal Zero Yeti 3000X Portable Power Station

    Sale! $6,499.95
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  • Goal Zero Yeti 6000X Portable Power Station

    Sale! $9,999.95
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  • Goal Zero Yeti 500X

    Sale! $1,349.95
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  • Goal Zero Sherpa 100PD Powerbank

    Sale! $289.95
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  • Goal Zero Boulder 50

    Sale! $298.95
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  • Goal Zero Venture 30 Portable Recharger

    Sale! $169.95
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  • Goal Zero Nomad 7 Plus V2 Solar Panel

    Sale! $159.95
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  • Goal Zero Nomad 14 Plus

    Sale! $249.95
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  • Goal Zero Nomad 100 Solar Panel

    Sale! $799.95
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  • Goal Zero Solar Panel Boulder 100 (Briefcase)

    Sale! $599.95
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Goal Zero– Goal Zero is an American brand famous worldwide for producing those portable charging solutions that other Companies try to produce but dont get quite right. From power banks to solar panels and accessories to connect both together Goal Zero products are the perfect all in on kits to keep you going power wise off the grid. Yes power even when there is no plug point available.

Who Uses Goal Zero– Goal Zero products are used by a wide variety of users from people just needing a little extra power for their phones on the way to and from work all the way up to researchers in Antarctica who need to run lighting, laptops and lots of other pieces of equipment for work or play.

The Range– The great thing about the Goal Zero Range is how modular it is. If you buy a power pack and solar panel to connect together and find in time your power requirements have changed no problem you can just add more solar panel capacity or storage capacity with more batteries by simply connecting more units together with the use of the Goal Zero cables. Yes that simple as we said thing modular.

Power Banks– This is the battery component of the system and can range in size from a small unit 2600mah with USB output for charging a phone all the way up to a Yeti 1250 which can output up to 1250 watts of power and has 240v plug points on the side ideal for base camp setups.

Solar Panels– These are the energy harvesting part of the system. The Goal Zero solar panels will hook directly up to your power bank and recharge them during the day so power is stored. Then the power banks can be used during the night or other times as the power is stored. Goal Zero Solar Panels also have USB output and some with have cigarette lighter 12v outputs so devices can be charged directly from the panels during the day without having to use a power bank.

Choosing A Productt- This is why we are here. If you are unsure on your needs or just need a little help choosing simply pick up the phone or email us and we will try to pick the best unit for your needs and budget.

Warranty– All Goal Zero products are backed by a full manufacturers warranty to be free of defect and are serviced and repaired within Australia.

Goal Zero Products

Goal Zero products are simple and just work well. To boil it down you choose a power source depending on your needs or job at hand. For example if you need to keep a phone going pick a small powerbank like a sherpa 50 or smaller and it will charge your phone several times. If you are able to get to a power source like a wall socket every few days simply recharge the unit from the wall and continue to recharge your phone no need to include and solar panels.

Why I need a solar panel

If on the other hand you are away from home in the bush and no wall sockets available then simply match a solar panel that has usb outputs for recharging the powerbank in between use and you have a continuous source of power. It is that simple. Depending on the device for example a phone a venture 30 and 7 watt panel is all you will need for this task. The powerbanks and solar panels start to increase in size and weight depending on use. For example if you needed to run a fridge lighting and a laptop and phone all at the same time then you would look at a larger setup like a lithium 1400 and 100 watt solar panel.

Why so many different size units

Again their are an assortment of power banks from small venture units for small digital devices up to yeti 3000 units that will run lots of lighting and power tools and even power small cabin setups. The best part about Goal Zero is all the units and panels are compatible so if you start off with a smaller system and grow out of it use wise you can add to it. It is modular in a sense that you can link powerbanks together for extra storage and also extra solar panels to speed up the recharge times.

Which System is best suited to my needs

Before you charge or power a device, such as a smartphone, laptop or fridge, you first need to accumulate power in a battery. This stored battery power is then used to charge or power your device(s).

As each solar panel and recharger varies in size, we put together a running time and charge time table on all of our so you can gain a full understanding of what products are capable to handle your charging needs.