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With our ever increasing need for mobile devices and power needs on the run portable power solutions are becoming a necessity in every day life. You can now carry a tiny power bank like the Goal Zero Switch 8 in your pocket or hand bag and have a power source on hand to recharge small devices like phones and other digital devices. All these power banks have the option to be recharged using USB 240V or solar and depending on what size device you want to power you choose the appropriate size unit from the left hand menu of the page to suit. People out camping have the option to take a precharged power bank with them and also utilise a compact solar panel attached to a vehicle or backpack which will keep their battery topped up while on the go. Elite Outdoor Gear supplies a large range of high end Solar solutions to power  the tiniest of iPods up to a full base camp systems for military and search and rescue operations and camping. Brands include the very popular US brand Goal Zero to  UK based Solio. Elite Outdoor Gear is an authorised dealer of all brands we sell online and all products sold through Elite Outdoor Gear are covered by full manufacturers warranty and serviced in Australia.

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