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Gerber’s new range is get everyone pretty excited here. With something for everyone in the knife range and some new updates to the multi-tool range that is sure to please not to mention a different take on something we all need when were out camping or hiking. So let’s get straight into whats new this […]

Survival kits. A survival kit is a package of basic tools that is combined in a small package that is at the ready to get you out of trouble if or when an emergency happens. Survival kits are designed to be carried in your backpack or kept in a vehicle for quick access if the […]

When it comes to hydration there are a couple of ways to go. From carrying to sterilising water its important to know what is needed where you are. Water is one of the most important resources we need in everyday life not to mention if you are out in a survival situation or on a […]

Tactical Pens are a tool designed with multiple functions. First and foremost Tactical Pens are designed from durable aircraft grade aluminium and for the purpose of self defence. The tactical pen is designed in the same size and design as a standard pen so it can be used as a writing implement especially useful for […]